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How do I ground myself from static? Answered

I'm thinking about building my own custom PC but I need to ground myself to protect it from ESD. I can't buy a anti-static wrist strap because I don't know anywhere that sells them and I don't want to purchase it online. I've heard that if you're power supply is plugged in and off that you can touch the edge of the case (the power supply is already mounted). Is this true? Please reply. Thanks.



Best Answer 9 years ago

The chassis of the computer and power supply are connected to the ground pin. So if the machine is plugged in, you can indeed touch the chassis to discharge any static electricity. This is less of a problem than you think. I've been working on machines for a long while now, and I've never shocked anything (at least nothing I've noticed). I usually touch the screw on a light switch before working, and at intervals while working. Unless it's really dry and you're wearing a sweater or something, you probably won't have any problems just doing it this way.

But will it still work if the power supply is on? Cause I don't think the one i'm thinking about has a hardwired switch.

Of course. Whether it's on or off, the chassis is still grounded to the third pin of the wall socket. Assuming that itself is grounded (some older houses don't have grounded outlets), you should be safe.

Uhh... Yeah thanks. I'll have a look at the DIY strap above and if it doesn't work then I'll consider yours.

Thanks, I'll remember this when I build my system.

you said that you dont know where to get an antistatic wrist strap, if your in the uk try maplins or pc world, and look on google earth for your nearest store.


9 years ago

Here is a static discharge thing you can make yourself. There is also an article about how to avoid static when you are working on your PC, which mentions using the case (but read article first). You can probably get a wrist-strap at Radioshack or a store which sells PC components.