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How do I hack an old VID-TDC-01 Web Eye Digital Camera? Answered

I have an old VID-TDC-01 Web Eye Digital Camera, it connectes to the computer by way of the printer port and either the mouse or keybord PS2 plugs. According to what I have found out so far it gets power from the PS2 plug and data from the printer port. Any ideas how to make it work on a USB connection?


u can just buy the adapter printer port 2 usb

After I read your reply I had to go back and check what I had written in my original request to make sure that I didn't leave anything out. Upon reading my original request for assistance I stated that there are two (2) cables coming from the camera, a printer cable and a PS2 cable, and that data is transmitted over the printer cable and power is supplied by means of the PS2 cable. Following your answer only provides a means for the data to be transmitted, but if I am not mistaken I still need power in order for the camera to acquire this data.

whats the watts/volts need 4 your webcam?