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How do I install my linux partition? Answered

I have been trying to create a linux partition so I can dual boot Ubuntu on my laptop. (I have an HP touchsmart tm2 for reference.) And here is what I have been trying so far...

1. Create USB boot disk (no CD tray)
2. Shrink drive C so I have 30 MB not allocated
3. Delete HP tools partition so there isn't 4 partitions
4. Reboot to USB stick
5. Try linux without install
6. Connect to wifi
7. Start install
8. Select "Install inside Windows 7"
9. Rage because it just boots into windows 7

What am I doing wrong?


I'm back, One more suggestion to make here is visit wiki ubuntu.com and search for HP tm2. Here you will find help in completing your install,as of now ubuntu 11.04 has successfully been installed on this machine.
Good Luck

use gparted and create partition,also format this part to ext4.go and open computer you should see 2partitions sda/1 and sda/2. Dont bother with live usb just straight up install to sda2,this option is found at Other Methods.Sorry that my explanation is so poor.
Good Luck

With Ubuntu you also have the option of installing on a virtual drive. I would go that route instead of dedicating a partition. Also make sure that your computer boots from USB drives. Some computers do not boot USB drives.

Did you get ubuntu installed on your partition?

You need to update the Master boot record to let it switch between liux and windows at startup.
Boot back into windows and i cant remember which one i used but i think it was easy BCD.
Then when you restart it you will have the option to pick windows or ubuntu.