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How do I keep outdoor fountain water clean? Answered

I just made an outdoor garden fountain for my balcony....and I love it!!  What would anyone recommend I add to water so that it does not get slimy or get nasty. It is a large planter type pot with another planter type pot within it and then I added a pump that can bubble or spray...but water is retained in the pots at all times.  I also have cats and dogs...so I would like the additive to be safe (I do not let them drink fromit...but just in case)  Thank you!!!



8 years ago

copper retards algae growth, a couple of small pieces or coils of small tubing placed in teh bottom should be enough. Personally I like the look of algae growing on the sides as long as the water is basically clear. the algae wont hirt your animals or visiting wild life, neither will the copper

You could throw in a couple of handfuls of barley straw, but it may not work on such a small scale.

Keep it out of the sunlight-that's the biggest grower of alge.  Keep any organic material out OR create a ecosystem that can cope with it (plants and fish to eat the extras) OR set up a filter.  If you are worried about pets and fish-my cats drink from my aquarium but leave the fish alone. 

.  It's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to meet all your requirements.
.  If you keep the water aerated with the pump, and make sure the water gets changed* every day or two, the algae won't hurt you animals - let it grow.

*A full change is not always necessary, just make sure the water stays fresh (which the aeration helps with).