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How do I make a Jacobs ladder play music and stuff. I've seen it done but without instructions.? Answered

I know people make tesla coils and Jacobs ladders play music and stuff I just really wanna know how and I couldn't find an instructable or anything on it any help is appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

 By modulating the signal that drives the transistors.

I've done it before with a flyback transformer and made a "singing arc" by using frequency modulation.

Get a 555 timer, set it up as an astable at whatever frequency you will be using if I can remember correctly, flybacks are around 50-100KHz.
Put the audio signal into pin 5 (control pin) of the 555 timer.

The control pin changes the switching levels of the 555 timer so the frequency changes as the voltage at that pin changes.

Play around with different resistors and capacitors in series and/or parallel around the control pin, I can't remember which combination gave best results.

This should work with flybacks, solid state teslas, jacobs ladders and quite a few other things.
You can also use amplitude modulation and some other techniques.

Just be careful, stay safe !

I know exactly, and I have given you a link which helps a clueless newbie get going with singing arcs.

Let me know what you don't understand when you have read that.

You MUST try something much safer to begin with. An NST can kill you very, very easily. As a very tolerant parent myself, and professional electronic engineer, I would still be unhappy if my sons started playing with this sort of stuff, despite their experience with the electrickery.

Don't run before you can crawl.

This is not an "easy" project.

Yes I know it can kill me, and I know how simple it would be to forget it's on or something and kill myself I will be very careful but as I said in the other discussion I don't have the money or ability to order many things so I can't really start with something I have to start and finish with this or do none at all.

Then "none at all" is the correct answer.

I'm sorry but I've never done this before what is astable? And I was gonna use a franceformer at 60hz or Khz I believe.

 Astable just means it doesn't have a stable state, i.e it oscillates between two states, logic high and logic low.
Connect that output to the base/gate of a transistor/MOSFET and use that to switch a transformer (flyback usually) on and off.

www.csgnetwork.com/ne555timer2calc.html Theres a website with circuit diagram and calculator for components.

3nf and 2.5kohms will give a frequency of ~64KHz

Have a play around with components that you have

My nst is around 60 hertz not kilohertz so is this even possible to do? with such a low frequency?

Like I said, Plasmana's design is somewhere to start.

Can you just tell me what exactly I need to do? I don't want to sound offensive but if you don't know please don't waste our time.