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How do I make a neural network? Answered

Can someone please help me and tell me how to make a neural network that can solve problems and learn?  Is it even possible?  I would just like to have one and play around with one.  Can you help me?


in his TED video avi rubin said that some people made a software using neural net to listen to the sound produced by keystrokes on the keyboard and guess the words being typed(yeah,for hacking).how hard would that be?

Hello, we are like the same, i am trying to create a neural network and put it in my orangutan-like robot project. i am creating a circuit for it and after i'm finish with it, i'll show it to you.

here is my youtube account where i post videos of my robots:

Find an agreeable member of the opposite sex and create a child. It will be able to learn and solve problems. You can even play with it. They're a lot of fun.


7 years ago

I learnt about neural networks in my final year of a comp sci degree. They are boring. They aren't some sort of magical machine that learns whatever you teach it to do, they consist of (IIRC) lots of heavy matrix maths to learn even the simplest tasks, and they aren't practical for any sort of process that would require a purpose-written computer program more than about a page long to do.  

There are much more practical ways to experiment with machine learning- you need a program capable of observing inputs, making a decision based on those inputs (and optionally internal "state") and producing an output from the decision.  To make it learn it will require a feedback loop to make it more likely to take the decisions that resulted in a desired output based on a given set of inputs.

How you determine a desired output, what the inputs, outputs and state are depends entirely on what you want to use it for.  Don't even think about trying to write a "general purpose learning program", you'd be effectively replicating the function of a human brain (and there are easier, more fun ways of making new human brains :) )

so how would I get a hold of one?

Now how could I put it on a micro chip or flashdrive like a terminator?

Your questions, and indeed most of your forum topics and questions, betray your lack of experience.  Making isn't something that magically happens, it is the end result of long periods acquiring basic skills.

For an example, I have spent years studying software and if you asked me to write you a neural network now, the first thing I'd have to do would be to sit down and read long and hard about the theory underpinning them.  And that's software, one of the most forgiving areas of experimentation that requires nothing more than a computer and some reference material.

Your approach seems to broadly be starting from a question "what would be cool to make" and only then filling in the details of how to do it.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say you will in all probability never build a cold fusion reactor, or a working hydrogen fuel cell. You will probably have a lot more success if you start from thinking about what you are capable of making and then choosing something to do. 

Some seasoned makers can initially think "what would be cool to make" but that is automatically within a framework of "what am I capable of?".  If you want to start from a project you've never done and fill in the gaps in your knowledge as they arrive- bake a cake :) Don't try to solve a problem that has vexed the entire world's scientific community for decades and may be physically impossible.

I'm not trying to put you off making things, quite the opposite- just giving a reality check that you might have to lower your sights a little.  Before asking how you can write cutting-edge adaptive learning software, write some simpler programs.  Before trying to achieve cold fusion, build an electric motor.  Then, once you have a realistic project in mind that you have made some progress towards on your own, and have specific questions that you have Googled and can't find the answer to, feel free to ask and the community here will gladly share their expertise.  Questions like "how do I put a neural network on a flash drive" will probably be met with the answer "look it up".

And what kind of SIMPLE SOFTWARE?

First of all the hydrogwn fuel cell works I did that last year and it WORKS!!! And The Cold Fusion Reactor Is underway it is going to be built and I will get results!!!

.  You can Google it just as well as the rest of us.

Seconding PKM's evaluation and NachoMama's suggestion. Software that implements neural networks is widely available -- many, many CS students have written them as class projects, and many instructors and authors have published implementations for students to play with. You can probably find an implementation which is both good and free. Have fun.


7 years ago

im sorry I dont know how I picked that as best answer please ignore that!