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How do I make a program that translates chords into Stylophone tabs? Answered

All it needs to do is convert the chords on the left to the numbers on the right!
A 1
A# 1.5
B 2
B# 2.5
C 3
C# 3.5
D 4
D# 4.5
E 5
E# 5.5
F 6
F# 6.5
G 7
G# 7.5
A 8
A# 8.5
B 9
B# 9.5
C 10
C# 10.5
D 11
D# 11.5
E 12

If anybody could help me because I have no experience on computer programs!
Flannel UK

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lemonieBest Answer (author)2010-12-31

You could do his with Excel (put your notes into column A)


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