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How do I make a sidehack out of just a bmx frame? Answered

How should I build and mount a Sidehack onto an old frame I have? I don't want to spend too much, and don't want to do too much welding if possible.

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bright_nation (author)2009-09-22

I've been looking into the same thing. If / when I get the project going I'll post a full instructable on the subject. Till then I'd love to try and answer any specific questions you have if you go through your own sidehack project. It'd be sick to bring back the sidehack!

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stevebod (author)bright_nation2009-12-07

Hi There,
I recently made a BMX sidehack. I does require some welding (or brazing) but was made from 25mm steel conduit so was cheap to make.
Probably not quite what you are looking for but worth a look.


Good luck

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bright_nation (author)stevebod2010-10-11


Amazing! I had forgotten about my sidehack project and this was just the boost I needed. Your design looks like a great cost effective approach to making a sidehack. What I'm currently thinking of will need a bit more beef to it due to how I ride my bmx, but having your design as something to play off of is greatly appreciated.

trust your pilot, respect your monkey!

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