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How do I make a tuna lure to use when sailing across an ocean? Answered

Most sailors who fish use a 200 pound hand-line. Making lures looks easy but I bet there are things a newbee won't understand about hooks, skirts, lures, crimps, etc.


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onrust (author)2011-10-08

I used to commercial fish up and down the Pacific coast. Always having a boat bike, I one day used a bike reflector to fish in the harbor.... and WOW! I started to fish with them trying all colors. For Tuna I used the clear one that comes on the wheels with some weight and a hook.......... BLAM! It dives Tuna nuts

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An Villain (author)2009-08-19

this is meant to mimic a red fish, first cut a length of copper pipe about 1/2 inch thick and 1 inch long, then cut a diagonal cut on the front about 45 degrees, you should have this, l__/ but with a closed top and a sharper angle on the front, then drill a hole on the front, high area and attatch a swivel, on the back-bottom and front-bottom attatch a treble hook so you should have this l++/- then a little off to the left or right of the swivel, attatch a silver ring that looks like a circle of wire to the piece of copper pipe, i do not know why the fish like the ring more, but they do, and the ring does not have to be silver, just silver-colored. then paint 2 white circles on each side with black on the insides of them to look like eyes, you can also glue small googly eyes on it, then on the top-back drill a hole and attatch a thin metal plate (like a spoon bit) to the back, this will be the tail. then tie line to the object you just made, throw it in the water, and have fun.

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