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How do I make a wooden toy without the size or measurements your pdf does not work? Answered

I think your system needs a lot of help
Can I have my money back?
What button do I press to send this

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Kiteman (author)2014-03-08

Firstly, PDF downloads contain no extra information to the actual instructable.

Secondly, you haven't mentioned which project you're trying to download.

Thirdly, you are not pro, which is why the download doesn't work for you. Since you aren't pro, there is nothing to refund.

Finally if you need to contact HQ about issues like this, scroll to the bottom of any page to find the "contact" link.

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Vyger (author)2014-03-08

I agree, my system needs a lot of help. If you send me a large and generous donation, which is non refundable, I will get right to work on it. Other than furthering your education the donation to me may not have any noticeable benefits to you, hence the word "donation".

As far as making a wooden toy, start with a block of wood and a carving knife. Whatever size you can get will be fine.

PDF is a file type and does not do any work. You need a .bat file or an .exe file in order to do work and execute instructions.

Can I send your posted email address to the email spamers? Oh, never mind, they already have it.

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steveastrouk (author)2014-03-08

I think you need to learn more about what an Instructable is.

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petercd (author)2014-03-08

Who did you pay?

How much was it?

Its the post button, you found it already.

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rickharris (author)2014-03-07

Your talking about what exactly?

If this is about a specific instructable then your better off adding the comment to that instructable.

You need to be a pro member to be able to down load the PDF files, akthough you can down load each step in an instructable if your not a PRO.

Maybe and later are not sensible tags because Instructables use the tags to try to offer you related items to your subject.

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