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How do I make an permanentmagnet-Electromagnet motor? (DC) Answered



5 years ago

Look at this no solder no hard work.

The wire is called magnet_wire but
is only copper wire with a thin red insulation.

The NIB magnet holds on to the D-cell and
affects the coil of wire.

Or are you into more elaborate designs ?


i do have laquered wire and its coiled around welding rods[without the coating… ps. im in 9th grade and im going into a techical training school for electronic technology!) that made my day!!
anyway, i might be able to post some pics of what i haveso far with my dad... thanks!!

Dad and I think we have to much friction on the armature that we built. We get sparks and can feel attraction and repulsion, but it wont turn on its own.

our big problem at the start was figuring wire length for winding the electromagnets.

i will do more research and get back to it later on.

That winding has to jump around and break contact to work.

You have to do some tuning of the setup and try moving the magnet around.
I'm sure you have thought of a more or less powerful NIB or shape.

This is why brushes with commutators were invented !


Flipping the NIB ( Neodymium Iron Boron ) changes direction of rotation.

BTW NIBs are sintered  ceramic with nickle plating.