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How do I make craft/doll/bear eyes like these ? Answered

I have been working with craft eyes off of etsy (like these ttp://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22445960 ) for a while now. But the truth is, no one seems to make the eye size I want. They are all a bit small. Does anyone know how these eyes are made? I thought it might be fun if I made my own. Are there molds I can buy or blanks I can paint ?? I want to make about 20 pairs of these, but really large if possible.


casting resin like Kiteman says is a pretty quick solution. you'd want your mold to be flawless to get the shiny result without too much polishing. The back would be flat - paint the flat with a black pupil circle with an acrylic paint which sticks to the resin you're working with, then add the cornea whatever colour you want - they look to be solid colour. Adding 'veins' etc, is easy as gluing down coloured polyester fibers.

In my past experience of casting resin, i've always had little bubbles in it. I am worried that will show up a lot in something this small. ( I know the best way to get bubbles out of resin is with a vacuum, but I don't have that kind of setup)

nix that, cornea = sclera/iris (depending on cartoon colour)

You could try casting them out of clear resin with a coloured dye?