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How do I make my own creepy doll costume? Answered

I want to go as a creepy doll for halloween but can't find any decent how to's online. I have no idea what to do clothes wise that comes across as "creepy doll" and I can't afford to buy an actual manufactured costume from a store. If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it.


you can check out my voodoo doll makeup tutorial on inscrutables

Can you give me some idea of what you think a "creepy doll" costume ought to look like? Do you have any images, or at least some kind of a description, or are you still trying to brainstorm that part too?

I am still trying to get a vision straight in my head. I know that I am going to have a teddy bear sized voodoo doll that im planning to make so maybe a gothic styled heartbroken doll? Im not very good with concepts lol I just kinda know what im wanting. (I couldnt figure out how to log back on under skeetch)

If you can't get into your account, email ibles, and they should be able to help you.

Anyways, for the costume idea, you'll need the stereotypical kind of dress with the lace. I'd pick a shinier fabric (like a prom dress fabric) in a dark purple and work in some black lace to give it more of a goth feel. Then add a pair of black Mary Janes and knee high socks. I would suggest a wig in long black hair. Then maybe make them into pig tails using bows from the dress fabric. To pull off the whole look, you'll want your skin super pale white, so get some makeup for that, and then really exaggerate your eyes (so they look like oversized doll eyes). A tiny red mouth (sort of like a Japanese doll) would look really good, and if you can, I would also get some of those fake contact lenses, so that you can make your eyes a bright violet to match the dress. (It'll also look more "doll like" and creepier).

Think of Esther from the movie Orphan, and exaggerate that. ;)

cool. thanks. seeing as how I am a bugger girl finding a dress since my sewing skills are none existent might be hard. Any ideas for seperates that i might be able to find at a cheap clothing store?

In that case, focus on one color, (probably black) for a goth look, and get a basic skirt and a button up shirt. To it you can add black lace, ribbon and/or some sheer black fabric to make it into more of a costume; and everything can be put together with a fabric glue (if you aren't comfortable sewing).

I found some images that kinda shows what I mean as far as "the look", and I think you could achieve similar results if you can get the basic skirt and blouse to start. For other sources of fabric, look at table cloths or even curtains (pretty much any textile fabric can be used for a costume).


Thank you so much u have been a great help. I think i know where to go from here. But if i need any further advice I will definitely be back.

You're welcome, and good luck with it.

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