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How do I make snowshoes? Answered

I want to make a pair of useable snowshoes from easily atainable materials.


Either: Get a green sapling, or piece of willow, about 1/2 an inch thick. Bend it in half and tie the ends together. Then tie smaller sticks across and weave grasses between them. Or: Get two sticks and tie their ends together. Tie another stick across the middle to hold the two sides bent out. Then tie smaller sticks across and weave grasses in.

What do you find easy to atain?  What tools do you have?  What's your skill set?

Not going to help if I send you to a site for steam bending ash and using rawhide lacing if you can't find them, or know how to make something else work.

Google Images is your friend.  Try it.

I have to agree with this.  Steaming wood is an art all to its self.  There are so many different steam boxes and methods.  Rawhide is easy to find, but expensive depending on what form you buy it in.  Still nothing compares to it, especially when constructing snowshoes.  Ash is a common tree, but could you tell it if you saw it?  Cutting it and letting it season through time will make for less brittle wood than the kiln dried wood you find in the lumber yard. 

What do you know of these things, or what things specifically would you like to know?

Phil B

8 years ago

I have seen plans for snowshoes that used 1/2 inch electrical conduit.  It had to be bent and welded, though.

Tie two old tennis rackets to your boots.  Cut off most of the handle.  They're not fancy but they work.