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How do I make these more crumbly? Answered


I tried twice already. I can get them thin enough so that you can break them with your teeth, but I want them sort of crumbly, like wafers, or nicely toasted bread, not cracky, like tile - which is what I get. How?

(I was expecting to learn something in this regard from the class - couldn't find anything, did I miss that part?)

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wold630Best Answer (author)2017-02-16

If you cut back on the fat (or whipping cream in this case) slightly and increase the water slightly you should be able to achieve a more crumbly texture you desire. I would start by lessening the cream by two tablespoons and increasing the water by two tablespoons and see how that goes. Then you can adjust more if necessary. You could also try using butter instead of whipping cream.

Keep in mind that gluten bonds/strands become stronger the longer dough is kneaded.

With any baked good, it takes time (and trial-and-error) to get things exactly how you want!

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