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How do I map 3D animations when projecting onto a 3D surface? Answered

I've embedded an example of what I'm talking about, below:

I'm curious about:

  • the specific software used
  • tips and tricks
  • how to do projection of a pre-rendered animation (this seems straightforward: model the surface virtually, then map the animation to the surface. then, record the mapped animation from the same vantage point as where the projector will be in real life; they projection should them map exactly.)
  • how to do interactive projections, where some sort of input might affect real-time rendering of the mapped animation

Any tips appreciated!

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gvirgil1 (author)2011-10-28

Try using VJ software such as Module8 or Resolume. This way you can Video Map real-time. There is a tutorial I posted on http://www.weltlighting.com/3d-video-mapping-projection-tutorial/

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catprog (author)2009-03-09

To do an interactive projection I would try and get it working on the screen 1st. Then use that image to feed into the process the same way you would do with a non-interactive animation.

This might help you

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