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How do I paint plastic containers, and then protect the surface? Answered

Plastic containers like milk containers, for example.


To protect paint from being scratched off from daily use, you can use a mix of wood glue and water. I use a 50/50 mix for general applications but u can go thicker on the glue as you see fit. A 70/30 mix of glue to water gives a nice protection and dries faster than 50/50 but you might lose some detail if there is any on the surface you want to protect.

Make sure it's very clean before painting. Clean it with some denatured alcohol to remove any skin oils, etc. Just make sure nothing can touch/dent it after it's painted. If you rough it up to get the paint to stick better, clean off all the particles made during the process, or else they prevent the paint from making complete contact.

There is a Krylon brand paint for plastics, but it takes about a month to mostly bond to the plastic (it still scratches off, but not in big pieces).

If you're doing it on the cheap, you can spray them with a couple of coats of clear acrylic after the color coat(s), but re-design's suggestion will be more durable in the long term.

You can paint them using automobile paint. YOu have to add a plasticizer to make the paint flexible. It's what they use to paint plastic car bumpers and fenders. You probably need to scuff up the surface before you paint so it will stick.

You might be able to buy this kind of paint in spray cans sold as touch-up paint.