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How do I place an above ground pool in the ground? Answered

I have bought and "Index" above ground pool (5X10 METERS) and am wondering if there is a way of putting it in the ground. First of all can it be done and if so how it can be done. Thanks

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Gorfram (author)2009-06-08

There's a basic problem here, in that your above-ground pool is built to resist the weight and pressure of water coming from inside itself, placing the pool walls in tension.

In the ground, it would have to resist the much greater weight and pressure of soil coming from outside itself, placing the pool walls in compression. The soil pressure would very probably squash the pool walls like a bug.

The way to prevent this would be to reinforce the hole you've dug for the pool with structurally appropriate retaining walls. But once you've done that, you might as well consider covering the walls and floor of the hole with waterproofed concrete and making yourself an in-ground pool.

There is a sort of a way around all this, of the "If Mohammed* will not come to the mountain, let the mountain come to the above-ground pool" way of thinking: you could place an above-ground berm of soil all around the above-ground pool. You'd still have to having retaining walls on the sides of the berms facing the pool; but they wouldn't have to be nearly as strong (read: large) as for the below-ground retaining walls, and they'd be pretty well hidden by the pool itself.
The non-pool-facing slopes of the berms could then be landscaped and planted in your choice of attractive manner.

Either way, you'll need (and your local building codes will probably demand) a licensed Civil or Structural Engineer to draw plans and sign off on the project.
(I myself am not a Civil/Structural Engineer, I just sometimes play like one on the internet.)

(*Meant here to refer to some arbitrary non-mountain-going person who happens to be named "Mohammed", not to the eponymous Islamic Prophet. I intended no offense to anyone, and sincerely apologize for any I might have inadvertently caused.)

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thecookiemonster (author)2009-06-08

dig a hole bigger than the pool and line it with sand so that it dosent puncture the pool!!!

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lemonie (author)2009-06-08

Well you'd have to dig a big hole. You'd then need to prepare it such that the pool doesn't puncture, since I don't know what an "index" pool is made of I can't advise any further. ? L

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