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How do I play a glissando on the trumpet? Answered

 I have been playing trumpet for almost 6 years I am in honers concert band and Jazz band at my high school. I have played gissando's before but I seem to have forgot the technique can someone help me?


To add to what V-Man wrote, you may also notice that depressing the valves slightly tends to bend the note downward a bit.  When playing glissando on a valved instrument, you do a combination of 3 things simultaneously:

1.  Play chromatically between the beginning and end note of the gliss.
2.  Only slightly depress the valves, thus preventing the hard pitch change normally associated with valving.
3.  Gradually increase or decrease lip tension (depending on the direction of the gliss).

You may notice in doing this that the timbre darkens somewhat during the gliss.  If this is undesirable, change your mouth cavity from "ahh" or "ooh" to "eee".  This will brighten the tone a little.

 Thank you but what if the gliss is just open ended (it just stospa t no particular note)

This is common too: just gliss in the general direction (up or down) as written.  If you're playing anything bebop or newer, aim for the most dissonant note you can find (bonus points for diminished 5ths, or the opposite major/minor 3rd as the current chord quality).

Also, you don't have to land on an open note (fully depressed valve).  If the mood strikes, end the phrase by keeping the half-valve and lip either down or up (or for an interesting effect, lip-bend the last note in the opposite direction of the glissando).

Since glissandos are a jazz thing (even modern orchestral music rarely has them) you are free to use your imagination.  Jazz, even when it's written on the page, is more about interpretation than anything else; it's a personal experience, and a chance to play how you feel it should be played.  I was lucky to have a director that really got jazz, and encouraged everyone to put their unique stamp on each piece - not just during solos, but when a sectional phrase might call for some extra zing.


7 years ago

Try octaving using only your lips at first. Play from a low "c" to a high "c" then the next note up and so on until you can octave efficiently. Then compress the valve combination for the note you want to glissando to half way until you lip down to about that note where you can fully compress the valves and play the note.

 Thanks every1 but my lessons have started up again and i have gotten help from my instructor 

Technically you can't, since a glissando involves all the tones between standard notes, and a trumpet can only play what the keys allow it to.
you can practice playing notes quickly enough to make it sound like a glissando.
notes that use the same key are reached using different lip tensions, and if you can manage to tighten your lips quickly enough through a note, it will also sound like a glissando. Trumpet players back in the day were famous for that kind of fanciness.

I don't play trumpet and had to google glissando.

Since you're still in school can't you just ask your band teacher or one of the other teachers?

She doesn't play a brass and will not know how to do it and I can't ask my other trumpet section members because i'm the only freshmen and they don't talk to me

I'd forgotten how infantile some high schoolers can be.  They'll be sorry they weren't friendlier to you when you get famous and they're stuck flipping burgers!  Maybe they're just jealous cause you're so much better than they are.

What you need to do since you've not gotten an answer here it to join a trumpet forum.  Most serious people that join forums have gotten past the jealousy stage and love to pass on their knowledge to others.  Some of that knowledge is better than others but you'll get an answer to your question soon.  And probably lots of encourgement also.

You can find one by googling "trumpet forum", but I found this one and it looks like it might be a good place.  I saw lots of questions being answered.  I couldn't tell if it was a forum at a store but that should not make anydifference.

Anyway, good luck and most of the world is better than your upperclassmen.