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How do I play improvised dungeons and dragons? Answered

i have currently made an improvised "homemade" complete dungeons and dragons set it is fully homemade and kinda choppy but its all there "i think" but my question is;how do I play dungeons and dragons? "i know this set follows the real/original one, and is made the correct way but i dont know how to play dungeons and dragons see here it is "i am the dungeon master and three of my friends are playing" so if you could please send me some information on how to play that would be great and ps:anyu links to websites are great any torrents with map making software is great any links with anything that can help me are GREAT and i also would like to read some anwsers here too THANKS 1.000.000,XXX !!!!!



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As mentioned in your other question - (good job on the board making)... the game is all storytelling. There are lots of prefab stories you can download or purchase from game stores - or the dm (or gm) can write their own. The story is the most important part. You tell a story through imagination and send your characters through dungeons and adventures. The game system is just there to provide rules for how a character can act, and abilities they can use. A lot of the game is based on chance success - affected by your character's stats. If your character is fast, they are more likely (in odds out of 20) to hit fast moving objects - etc. Like you said you have all the books - give them a read to understand the basic rules.

i have downloaded the e-book ,pdf files from cough torrentz.com cough and i am reading the dm for dummies and it is cool and really detailed and you almost read this anwser word to word from a paragraph i remeber there so this was my best anwser thanks follard you rock man!

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lol i just started playing the WOW version of DnD monday this helps so much.


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the only way to learn is to play. if you're planning to do 4E, H1 Keep On The Shadowfell is a very simple adventure basically a tutorial for 4E. read the dm's guide let the players choose one of 5 prerolled characters and the set apon them with cobalts in less than an hour.

A cheap/free resource.  Look up GURPS online.  That's General Universal RolePlaying System...  Great for making up your own stuff as it is not nearly so detailed/complicated as DnD.  Rules Lawyers need not apply.

If you really want to know, get a set of the manuals - they frequently turn up on ebay. However, if you're happy with your own-made set, why not stick with that?

i am still a little bit unknowlegable about everything but im sticking with my own made set and i am looking for pre made adventures and campagines "spell check" and i am making my own THANKS TO EVERYONE I MUST ANNOUNCE ME AND MY FRIENDS WILL BE PLAYING OUR FIRST GAME TOMMROW AT 11:30am untill 4:00pm Everyone here rocks its just that follard rocks with a bit better rythem ...th8x all of yawl

thanks for the link its informative thank you.