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How do I prevent my employer from knowing which websites I go on? Answered

I don't know what program they use to watch us, but I know they do and some of us get busted for going on websites that are not work-related.



2 years ago

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 Dont. you are being payed to work, not surf the web

Proxie sites hide IP addresses so blocks dont work. Use one.

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Regardless of what program(s) they use, it's company hardware that is delivering web-data to your machine. Like stuff going through the mailroom if you're using company resources to send/receive things they can easily find out. L

You can't and besides you aren't being paid to surf the web or job hunt so get back to work!!!

While you're at work, you're using a connection owned by the employer. It is theft (by being paid while not working) to surf while working. Some jobs are slack enough to allow surfing so long as the work gets done - others rely on you doing whatever it is you do. If they have a good i.t. person - then there is nothing you can do to prevent their snooping. It is their computer. If you push harder, they can restrict you so tight you have calculator and quicken.

supplemental - my i.t. friend (secures government networks, has a huge company)...uses software that not only logs your history as it happens (so washing software doesnt work, theres a 2nd log) - it also takes screenshots at x intervals. They can watch what you're doing live The programs are more than invisible - they're completely undetectable.

Only go online at home.

It is quite likely that the websites you visit are recorded not by a keylogger or other investigation of your individual desktop but by the main server watching as the URL you type is matched with the corresponding IP address.

If that is the case, the best you could do would be an encrypting proxy. But it
might look suspicious if you were encrypting your browsing.

How much would it hurt you to be looking for a new job right now?


9 years ago

don't go on naughty sites ;P

If your using Windows Internet Explorer just go to tools>Internet options>delete browsing history>delete all. Or if your using a diffrent browser download this its called cookie cleaner, it deletes all temporary user content like web pagegs in just i click http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ hope it helps!\



9 years ago

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