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How do I program a key to close a webpage and open a new webpage, *please*? Answered

How can I program a keyboard key so that when pressed, the computer will close that page and open up a webpage which can be independently changed by the user, *please*? For example, to program f12 to close my website and open up the company's website? Thanks.




Best Answer 7 years ago

There are several options, some built into browsers, some plugins, and some 'other' programs.

there are several under the title "boss alert" which are usually a control-spacebar key, or the like.

Perhaps...try doing your work while at work? That's another good way to not get fired.

Hey frollard!

Thanks for the suggs - I'll look into it now - I love your last comment! lol!

There is also the 'control shift p' in firefox, for private browsing.

Load your corporate page, then go into private. Nothing will be saved in private mode. When you hit ctrl shift p again to come back, all that gets nuked and you return to the default window.

Thanks, I appreciate that tip - I'll check it out now.