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How do I program a microcontroller (tv-b-gone)? Answered

So I want to make a TV-B-Gone, I can't buy the kit, the question is: what do I need to program a microcontroller with the respective firmware? Or instead of programming by myself, is there any other components and etc to replace the ATTINY85V-10-PU from the project?




Best Answer 8 years ago

If using Arduino, this instructable I wrote on controlling a Nikon camera with IR should help you. Just replace the timing I did with the correct timing for a TV. You may need to play a few different signals one after the other to cater for different TV brands, I can't remember whether they all use the same off signal.

I really need to get around to finishing that ible...

You need to google "TV RC5 Codes" to find the timing. Here's one result.

Thanks for answering! I'll look up for more info about arduino and etc ;)