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How do I put more line into a whipper snipper spool so it works the way it did? i.e. when I bump it more comes out.? Answered


When mine won't come out it's usually because I've wound it in the wrong direction.  I reverse it and it works.  If it stops in the middle of the line the it's tangled or twisted.

I'm not familiar with the Whipper Snipper but there are only a few basic types of line-weed-cutter spools.  Take a look at YouTube videos to find one that is similar to yours.  Here is one that has two "lines" sticking out from the spool:


That particular spool is divided into two sections but it uses a single piece of line.  The line is run through a couple of holes in the spool, then it's pulled partway through until the middle of the line is at the spool, then the two equal ends of the line are wound around the spool.

If your spool is like mine it has only one section.  Both ends of the line are wound around the same spool.  Check the other YouTube videos to find one that looks most like your spool.  And check the web to see if the owner's manual for your model is online.

The feed mechanism is pretty simple; bumping the spool releases it momentarily so that the ends feed out from centrifugal force.  If your snipper does not feed when bumped, it's most likely because the line in the spool has overlapped somewhere and one part of the line is stuck under another part.  It's important to wind the line neatly so that doesn't happen.

Hope this helps.