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How do I put nintendo ds games on a R4 card and do I need any software on the card to make the games run? Answered

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echen10 (author)2013-06-17

R4 3DS is a cartridge designed to hold a MicroSD flash memory card. The cartridge is shaped like a traditional DS game cartridge, and contains software that allows your Nintendo DS game system to view and launch the programs stored on the card. Moreover, homebrew games — homemade programs — can be developed and played through r4 3ds. To download and play games through an R4 3ds flash card, you must first set it up to properly recognize the files within it.

Although the device has the reputation of being used to download pirated copies of games, it is not illegal to own and use for legitimate purposes. There is a thriving community of “home brew” programmers who create their own software and games for the Nintendo DS; you can legally download these games onto your R4 card and play them in your DS.

Does anyone have any idea of how to put games on r4 3ds card step by step?

What You’ll Need

1x Micro SD card
1x SD card reader
1x r4 3ds card
1x ds console


1. Insert a Micro SD card into an SD card reader. Plug the SD card reader into your computer’s USB port. This usually comes bundled with the card when it is purchased. MicroSD cards are only about the size of your thumbnail, so an adaptor is necessary to be able to view the card’s contents on your computer.

2. Download the latest firmware drivers from the R4 3ds official website. Go to “Start” and launch the “Computer” applet to copy all downloaded files to the main root of your Micro SD card. Such storage devices are typically recognized as “Removable Disk” from the applet at hand.

3. Open the directory on your computer that contains the games you want to download onto the card. Highlight the game file, which will have a file extension of “.nds,” and press “CTRL” and “A” to copy it.

4. Copy your homebrew DS games into any desired directory within your Micro SD card. To keep all files organized, create a new directory called “Games” at the root of your storage unit. To do so, double-click the Micro SD card in question, followed by “New Folder” from the “Computer” applet’s main interface.

5. Click “Start” and select “My Computer.” Double-click on the drive letter that represents the MicroSD card. Press “CTRL” and “V” to copy the game onto the MicroDS card. Repeat until you have downloaded all of your games onto the card.

6. Disconnect the Micro SD card from the card reader and insert it into your R4 3DS flash card. Insert your flash card into the Nintendo DS’s top slot and turn the device on. You can now place the R4 card into the cartridge slot in your Nintendo DS and play the games you downloaded, if you like.

Source: http://r4-games.3ds-r4i.com/how-to-put-games-for-ds-with-r4-3ds-card-step-by-step-42/

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donnen (author)2012-09-06

you need download the pokemon, a r4i gold 3ds(http://www.consolesfr.com/r4i-gold-3ds-carte-pour-3ds-dsill-dsixl-dsi-dsl-ds-p-415.html) , a micro sd card, download r4 kernel from the site official.
1.format the micro sd card
2.put the r4 kernel file in the root of the micro sd card
3.creat a new file named 'game'
4.put the pokemon in the 'game'
5.and then insert to the console
6.enjoy playing

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nds9 (author)2010-01-07

you can go the websites www.nds9.com to find the answer

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GorillazMiko (author)2009-02-01

You put the micro sd into a microsd reader. Drag and drop.

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Kolovision (author)GorillazMiko2009-02-05

get a micro sd card. go to the official r4 site and download the latest software for it. unrar the file and put it on the root of the memory card create a folder called Games and put your games in there itll say theres no save file, just say create and itll make one. done, sorted. easy if you bothered to google for 5 seconds or actually went on their site tbh.

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Relysis (author)Kolovision2009-02-07

Thank you , Sorry to have bothered you with such a trivial matter. I should have known Google would have had the answer.

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