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How do I recess a medicine cabinet? Answered

'''''''I have a stud finder but never cut wallboard before. Two girlfriends have proper saw for the job. Just need instructions



7 years ago

Hi! this little drawing show the best way if you have to remove one or multiple stud!
i hope this help! :)

stud removing.gif

Make sure your cabinet is 15" or narrower. Use the stud finder and mark 2 studs. Mark where you plan to cut. Just push the saw through the wall. Start in the middle and cut to the stud line. Don't push the saw too far through and watch for wires. Now just trace the lines. Go slow and be precise. Good luck, its easy.

I think I'd add to that Make a SMALL hole in the stud bay. Put your hand in, or inspect for wires THEN start sawing.