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How do I remove an old and very nice fireplace mantel without damaging it? Answered


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Re-design (author)2010-03-03

Very carefully.

It depends on how it was installed.  Some of them are just like a picture frame and mount to the face of the wall opening.  You can take a thin bladed putty knife and force it behind the mantle.

Others are built into the wall and may be very difficult to remove without damaging.

Since we're not there to look at it, you'll have to determine how it's mounted and work from that info.

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steveastrouk (author)Re-design2010-03-03

Don't know if its the same for you guys, but here, fireplaces often have screw plates out to the sides, near the top, screwed to the wall, and then buried in plaster. To break one out here, you remove the plaster down each side and find the hidden screws in the wall.

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Kiteman (author)steveastrouk2010-03-03


I used to work in a builders' merchant; a DIY customer came in one weekend to buy a hammer and chisel.

The next weekend, he bought a sledgehammer.

The third weekend, he bought a large screwdriver.

He'd managed to chip off all the tiles, then spent hours smashing at the concrete beneath, until a wayward strike broke the plaster and exposed the actual fixings.

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steveastrouk (author)Kiteman2010-03-03

ROFL. One for the UK.DIY FAQ humour section, if it still exists,

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