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How do I remove the shifter knob in my automatic transmission 2010 Buick Lucerne? Answered

I recently became the proud new owner of a 2010 Buick Lucerne CXL, and i'm in the process of customizing a few minor things in the interior. Which leads me to my question. As I think the stock shifter knob is very boring and of course standard-looking, I am attempting to replace it with an aftermarket knob that uses set screws. However, I cannot work out how to remove the stock shifter knob to put the new one in, as it is not threaded like most shifter knobs are. I found on an online forum information about the 2006 edition which suggests that in that model year, the knob friction-fit onto the shift column and all you have to do to remove it is put the car in neutral (with the engine off) and pull straight up on the knob. Does anyone know if this is the same for the 2010 model? ANY help would be very greatly appreciated, as i cannot find any information on my model year anywhere else on the internet, and it is not included in the car owner's manual. Thank you! :-)


first figure out how it is fitted on the lever, is it pin or clip locked or is it screwed onto it. If you cant figure out yourself, read the user manual, or visit the car manufacturer's authorised service workshop and just ask the mechanic there, he will tell you, heck he might just give you a demo for that sake, depends on how you pursue him. this is important as you will need thin information to find suiting locking mechanism on the new knob you purchase. and please, don't pull it, coz there are chances that you might neither break the plastic, nor the steel but end up hurting yourself.

this is info on a 95 Riviera

There is a clip on the front of the shifter knob that must be pried out. Then the knob slides off. If you broke something inside the handle, you probably won't be able to shift it out of Park as well

other than that, i'm not finding much info either.

Yeah, I read that exact response in a few forums I was looking through for info lol


3 years ago

Go to a junk yard and tell them you need to figure out how its taken apart. They probably have one there or have some experience with something similar. After all they do dismantle cars for a living,

That might just be the best option for me, I hadn't even thought of that. Thanks for the idea! (Although I'll keep this open for a bit to see if anyone has any definite info for my make and model lol)

I like this "pull it" idea. I mean put a pulling force on it, and what's going to break first: the plastic or the steel?

Although, perhaps you should first remove the shift lever from the car, and then clamp the steel end into a bench vice. Then try to take the plastic knob off the end of it, using a hammer, or whatever.

The first step, is there so that pulling forces do not get transmitted into the mechanism below the shift lever. I mean, just pulling on the knob while it is attached to your car might break the mechanism below it, depending on how much force is needed to separate the knob from the level.

By the way, I realize you probably wanted some advice based on actual, factual, knowledge of your car, but at the same time, you also said "ANY help would be very greatly appreciated..."


Lol yes, I did say that, and i do appreciate the idea, although I dont think I can really use that method myself simply 'cuz I lack the tools and workspace to try it. But yes, thank you :-)