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How do I repair door locks in 98 Ford Ranger? Answered

I have a 98 Ford Ranger, pretty basic. No powered accessories, everything manuel. The passenger door lock won't open with a key and the driver's side door lock works, but you have to jiggle the key in the lock. This takes about 3 minutes before it finally works. I want to fix the problem but I don't want to replace the key. What should I do?


Talk to a locksmith. Sometimes this is a matter of wear on the key, and recutting the key "by code" back to factory specs will solve it. Sometimes it's just a matter of sticking tumblers inside the lock and an appropriate cleanser/lubricant will solve the problem. (Reminder: NEVER use oil on locks. WD40 is safe but is only a cleanser, not a lube.) Sometimes it's wear on the lock, and rekeying or replacing the lock cylinder is indicated.

You could fit hasps and padlocks instead, but only if you'd be happy to do that to the vehicle? The locks / keys are most likely worn, so they either need to be replaced or not used at all. Why not get a new key - expensive? L