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How do I repair my crocs? Answered

My puppy got to my new crocs. They are the kind with a solid top and vents on the side, I wear them to work. They are black, if that helps. The little man chewed little stab-wounds in the tops down near the toes. Is there any way to resurface or sort of smooth them out without ruining them, or is there a (somewhat) easy way to add a toe piece to them that would camouflage the damage?


buy a new pair for work and keep them put away in the closet.

I appreciate the suggestion to use hot glue. I'll try that suggestion on my old crocs used for being out in the yard. The cat found them fun to chew on and split part of the heel.


9 years ago

Can't help you with the Crocs, but I have a couple of suggestions for the puppy.....

You could try thin super-glue, trickled into the splits.

But the bits where I glue it would be shiny and clear, whereas the rest of the shoe is opaque black and matte texturally.

Maybe rub some sort of dull powder into the surface of the glue? Graphite?

. I'd be concerned than graphite would rub off on clothing. Just a thought. It may not be a problem. . I've used talcum powder to "de-gloss" paint on models. Applied while paint is tacky, so it will stick. Is there some similar material that is black?

Kiteman's suggestion of superglue is excellent and probably the best thing to try, but I can't help adding my two cents' worth -

According to Wikipedia, Crocs are made using a kind of plastic known as EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). The Wikipedia article on EVA says that it's also the most common kind of plastic used for the glue sticks in hot glue guns. So a (careful and judicious) application of hot-glue them might be worth a try.

(With either super- or hot glue, I'd first test the glue on some small, inconspicous part of the shoe, just in case.)

There are also all sorts of ribbons, bows, flowers and other furbelows sold just to decorate and accesorize Crocs - maybe you could cover the holes and personalize your Crocs at the same time.

I don't think I'm allowed to wear ribbons or flowers on my shoes to work. I have the same problem with the glue stick as I do with the superglue; it wouldn't match the shoe visually.


9 years ago

Try to snap it back into place. You could also leave it off. That's the style these days.

Snap what back into place? Leave what off? I don't understand.