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How do I replace basement windows that are metal framed and installed in concrete? Answered

How do I measure and replace a basement window that has a metal frame and is partially installed in the concrete. I need to know how to measure the replacement window and how to install it in the space of the old window. I think I will need to remoave the interior window and leave the metal frame, but I am not sure how.



8 years ago

I have found the easiest and most effective way is to rip out the steel sash window and install a new window in the opening.
To remove the old steel sash, remove the vents from the sash, and use a reciprocating saw fitted with a hacksaw blade and cut the bottom and top sash in two. Then you can bend each half back and forth until the tabs mounted in the concrete break off. You may need to use a grinder to grind what is left of the tabs smooth with the concrete.
You then can mount the new windows with screws and concrete mollies.

I'm looking at the same thing... and frankly, the decision that I'm coming to is that replacing them is probably the wrong answer. Instead, I'm tempted to just fit them with an additional pane of glass across the entire opening -- essentially, fitting a storm window. Less expensive. Not as good a heat barrier as one of the modern high-efficiency windows, but certainly enough to stop air infiltration. Downside would be that I'd be turning the existing hopper windows into non-openable windows

If you really want to replace them, then... yes, I think the answer is that you get a replacement window whose frame is sized to just barely fit inside the existing metal box, remove the old window (undo the hinge if you can, attack it with a metal-cutting blade in a reciprocating saw if you can't), and then install the new one into the same space.