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How do I replace the mini lights on my Christmas tree with LEDs? Answered

How do I replace the mini lights on my Christmas tree with LEDs? I want to use the existing wiring?

Mini lights get too hot, but my tree is per-wired and re-wring would be too much trouble.

Ay luck would be great.


If it is possible for you, first find out the voltages across the bulb. Can you do that ? Rest will be very easy.

I see that link is where I can get the bulbs but it can't be that simple. Are you saying I can just swap out the bulbs ?

As a test I swapped out one lights for a led, the string came back on, but the led did not light.

yes if you have light's that look like this you can easily pop them out and replace them

What kind of LED did you use? One of those replacement bulbs or a normal LED like this one? http://www.led-shop.com/images/LED_Anschluss.jpg
If it was a normal one you could probably have burned it instantly because you did not add a limiting resistor.

Plus, if this works depends on your light string if this works or not. I doubt that they are all designed the same way. That means you have to find out the voltage on the bulb sockets and if it is AC or DC going through.
When you figured that out you can search for LEDs that would fit your string and calculate the needed resistor values (you can use this wizard here: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz).

But I assume it would be faster and way more inexpensive if you would just cut off the old string and replace it.