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How do I reverse an 8 strand kumihimo braid so that it creates a zig zag pattern? Answered

A few months ago, I ordered a bracelet online that was made by tibetan monks called a rangzen bracelet... It symbolizes the freedom of tibet from china, buddhism, peace, ect. Anyway... It looked like a kumihimo or marudai braid and for the past two months Ive been wondering how the fudge they did it! If anyone knows anything about how to make a zig zag marudai or kumihimo braid, please let me know... Recommendations, links, emails, anything!! please contact me!! Thanks a bunch!!



I hope you are still looking for the zigzag Kumihimo pattern. there are 2 books that I have that carry that pattern.

"More Braids on Cards" by Shirley Berlin. Google for her site.
"Beautiful Braiding Made Easy - Using Kumihimo Disks and Plates" by Helen Deighan. This one I bought on Amazon. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


If you want the picture shown at
that is a 8 strand Kumihimo brad. It can be done in 1-8 colors on a Kumihimo wheel.

correct me if i'm wrong, but you want to make a bracelet like this:
but with a zig zag pattern.

what you need to do is use silk in the directions shown here:
but instead of repeating exactly in step 7, you move each string over diagonally so that it is no longer straight.

to make the zig zag pattern, you simply make a straight stich again, then continue with the diagonal stiches.

i wil try to find better directions later, but i have to go right now.

i hope this helped.