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How do I revive scratched and worn plastics on my quad-bike? Answered

The plastics on my bike have become quite worn from all the use.  Not just bush scratches and scuffs but also a few deep ones. 
What is the best way to make them look good again?
I thought about sanding them with a fine grit but I don't know if I can get them to shine when I'm done.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I wouldn't worry too much about the deep scratches, they're sort of a badge of achievement, war wounds.
If you want  to jazz up the fenders a little, smooth down the ridges and deep grooves a bit with some sandpaper and give them a coat of Krylon Fusion paint for plastic.

True about the war wounds, especially if the one's on the bike go with the one's on me ;->


8 years ago

Deep scratches will be almost impossible to remove completely, sorry.  But, there are a few products out there designed for polishing plastic.  Try visiting an auto parts store and you'll probably find something there.

+1. You need something much finer than sandpaper -- polishing compound would be it, possibly going through several grades. You may also need some sort of filler in the deep cracks, and a wax/varnish over the surface to bring it all back together and make it shine again. An auto parts store is indeed likely to be the best place to find the necessary materials and advice, if your local bike shops can't advise you.

Expect to put in a fair amount of time and elbow grease.

While this method would most likely work, the time factor won't.  I don't have that much free time lately.  To be perfectly honest, I haven't used the thing in about 4 months.  A shame, really.

You might think about gently flaming them with a blow-lamp that has had the burner removed (i.e. yellow gas flame)? If you want to sell it, question whether it's worth buying new ones, or like Burf says - why bother?


Good idea, the heat should also leave it with a good sheen.  Don't want to sell it, just rebuild.