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How do I sew on a crest? Answered

I need to sew (by hand) a crest onto my son's Karate uniform (Gi). I don't know any fancy stitches, but I need to make it "invisible" and strong. Any suggestions?




5 years ago

Most fabric stores carry clear 'invisible' thread. It's like very thin clear fishing line. If your crest has many colors the clear thread may help you out.

Glad to hear your problem is solved!  

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It's just a patch right? You don't need any fancy stitches. Just passing the thread back and forth through the patch and uniform will do. The key is to use thread that matches the patch. Keep the stitches small and if you can run it in the same direction as the threading on the patch it will be less visible. Also keep the stitches on the outside edge of the patch for a stronger hold. If you worried about your stitches not being strong enough then you can buy some iron on material. You'll cut it to the size of the patch and use an iron to stick the patch on the uniform. This is great for keeping the patch in place as you sew it.

If, by "crest", you mean a fabric badge, what I do with my scout uniform badges is to use a thread the same colour as the border of the badge, and then use a simple running or back stitch along the inner edge of the border, using small stitches, quite far apart.

If, though, your sewing skills are even worse than mine, you can buy glue specifically for badges, such as this; http://shop.scouts.org.uk/p-3192-badge-fix-glue.aspx

Awesome! Thank you :-)
I actually have some fabric glue that I've used for "hemming" pants...I think I'll try that AND the stitching