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How do I sing Avenged Sevenfold music? Answered

any tips?



6 years ago

Well, if you have any voice training whatsoever, ask a pro if singing in a coarse tone will damage your voice. if so, keep in mind that you don't have to sound just like the band, some music sounds better if you sing it your own way without trying to copy a tone that you aren't good at. From my perspective, when covering music it is always better to get the timing and words down perfectly before you worry about tone, pitch, or anything else. That being said, i have no voice training whatsoever and cannot read music or play an instrument.

I could say their voices are either naturally hoarse or autotuned. You could do vocal exercises to extend the range of sounds you can make. I'd say practice singing in the car when no one can hear you, but don't get too into it at one time. You'll probably scar you're throat if you go overboard with it.

+1. When I was younger, I used to imitate Neil Young and Joe Cocker. (and pretty well too). However, it was probably the dumbest thing I could have done with my once upon a time perfect pitch, Opera class voice. Ripped my vocal cords to shreds.

To be very clear, I went from having a 3-3/4 octave range to barely over two. Some I can attribute to the ugly affects of aging, but I know full well that a lot of it was the damage I did trying to sound like someone else.

Not familiar with the band. If they've got a "hoarse" sound and that isn't being done in the sound equipment, you may want to talk to a voice teacher who deals with rock performance style -- yes, they DO exist -- and ask them how to get that without damaging your throat. It may require one of the advanced techniques such as "vocal fry", which are tremendously easier to learn if someone who has experience teaching it shows you how.

Find/buy a recording and practice with it?
Find/buy sheet music and practice with that?

What do you need to know that you don't already know?