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How do I sound proof a room? Answered

I am trying to record audio and I get an echo and the occasional sound of a car driving by. Is there a quick and temporary way to sound proof a small area for recording once every few weeks?



Best Answer 4 years ago

Car sounds are a complex mix of engine and tyre frequencies and therefore difficult to subdue, best bet would be traditional window shutters on the outside with added material to reflect most of the sound back out before it even gets inside.

For internal echos you would need to break up all flat surfaces which is where egg cartons would work well. You could also try empty toilet rolls glued onto a flat board which you would then lean against the walls, said toilet rolls to be glued standing on end should reduce reflected sound drastically.

Thank for all of the great feedback.. I am setting up a small area with egg crates and coffee cup holders on the walls. I will be recording tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the help!

Hang blankets round the room to absorb the sound.

As a student we sound proofed the studio with egg cartons.

Carpet on the walls we used Shag carpet to sound proof the music room when we were in our teens.