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How do I start a PURE rubberband ball? Answered

A lot of people make rubberband balls starting with a tin foil or paper core, but how do you make a core made of rubberband(s)?


Roll it up or make a knot out of it. Use a big rubberband for that first one.

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double knot, loop knot a rubberband and put the loops over the knot, then put rubberbands on top, even if you have to double lapp it, its hard, but its worth it

A good way is with a really knotty rubberband. Just take any rubberband, and start folding and knotting a rubberband so that there are a few loops. You can even tie multiple rubberbands together if it makes it easier. Then, you can start weaving other rubberbands through it, and that can make a pretty good starting core. There's definitely other ways to do it, but this works for me.

get a rubber bouncy ball and then start with small rubberbands then put larger and larger and....etc rubberbands.