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How do I stop my neighbor from feeding my diabetic dog? Answered

We bought our house in April '96, and our dog Ted was born in Feb '96. My dog has been diabetic for several years now. His sister Ewok of the same litter has already passed away after suffering from Diabetes and Cancer. At one time Ted weighted 52 pounds (pre-Diabetes)..his last vet visit ( in the mid 20 range) , which for a Chow / Spitz is about 10-12 lbs. under weight. My elderly neighbor is always sneaking him food. I've even talked with his "Diabetic" Wife about this. He will lie to my face saying stuff like " Oh I only gave him a couple Milkbones ". Just today He says he's got some bread for Ted (our dog) . I told him as I approach that I am just going to pick it up and throw it away; Only to find a Glazed Chocolate Donut along with 10 small Milkbones and bread crust. I really am out of options here. Vetsullin is up to $37.00 a vial; and Ted's getting 20 Milgrams x 2 a day. Any suggestions?.....


. Yikes! That's a sticky situation you've got there. Other than keeping Ted away from the extra food, the only solutions I can come up would probably land you in jail. . You may be able to enlist the help of your local Animal Control Officer. I don't think there is anything he/she can legally do, but maybe a short lecture would bring your neighbor to his senses.

Print out some pics of tombstones and take them over to him. When he asks what they are for say "I thought you'd like to help me pick one out since you're intent on KILLING him!" ~Lori

I train service dogs, so I am constantly speaking to people about "boundries". I suggest you write a formal letter to the neighbor, notorize it and pay the $20.00 to have the local deputy deliver it. This gives you the leway to open a legal claim against the neighbor. They will probably be more cautious if they are the ones paying for the medications or a lawsuit.

Thanks for the advice. I did talk to an animal control officer yesterday. He said I should try to talk to him one more time telling him that he's killing "Ted" ; and then post my yard if he persists. So wish me luck.

I have another neighbor who works for Animal Control (though I've never met him ) I think I will aproach and see if he might be willing to speak to my neighbor Thanks for all the advice.

. Excellent idea! If you can find a neighbor that the offender respects, you have a good chance of reforming him. Please keep us posted as to how things turn out.

Get a BIG box of chocolates for his wife-several pounds of the cheap stuff. Then tell him that that's what he's doing to your dog EVERY DAY. Tell him you are going to report him for throwing garbage onto your lawn. He IS feeding your dog on your property, isn't he?

well yes he is feeding my dog on my property...though your answer while hysterical does seem a bit harsh. He and his wife are probally in their 60's atleast.

. It may seem harsh, but he is poisoning your dog. Would you be as reluctant if it was a child? NachoDaughter will tell you that she doesn't rank any higher than my four-legged children.
. And don't be too timid to use NikonDork's suggestion, if necessary. I hope you can resolve the issue without involving the law, but if that's what it takes... Law Enforcement Officers can get the ball rolling for treatment if a medical/mental problem is involved.

The problem is that he thinks he's helping your dog. His 'diabetic' wife is probably untreated type-2 (like my grandmother was) so he doesn't understand. If you don't use a hypothetical 2x4 he never will and it's just a race to see which one gets buried first : (

Tell him either stop feeding your dog, or you contact the law on the matter that he is willfully abusing a sick animal. Also, chocolate is toxic to dogs - more so to an already diabetic dog. Seriously, if it continues, get the law involved. Tell me, does this old fart seem to be suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia? If so, this brings another angle into the story. Maybe he needs help?


9 years ago

-Video your neighbor feeding your dog. Show your neighbor the footage.
- call the police
- If your neighbor has any pets, Roast them over a fire and when they complain lie back to them.
- http://www.advanced-intelligence.com/video.html
Maybe hidden in a collar?