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How do I tag a photo so that the yellow text box shows up Answered

so when i upload a picture, how do i tag specific areas of that image so that when scrolling the cursor over the yellow box, additional text appears?


When you are on the page to edit your Instructable, you select an image from your library and click "add". A larger image will now be displayed below the text input box. To get the yellow tag, you simply drag your mouse anywhere in the larger image. You will then see a white box appear, in which you enter your text.

I tried this, but once I entered the text, I couldn't figure out how to save it and exit the text box!

There should be a save tab.  Unless you are using the Chrome browser? 

WHen I try to do that, it just drags the picture. Is there a way to fix this?


9 years ago

I spent about two days trying to figure this out. I finally hit on it by chance. It was my last result and it worked for me. Hahaha.