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How do I take care of my rabbit? I just got it yesterday.? Answered

He's one month old and I've never had any pets before. What should I do to keep him clean, safe, and happy?



8 years ago

make shure you spend lots of time with it so the bunny will reconise you as a friend specialy at this time of age when the rabbit is young. other than that a cage and play area is highly recomended. if you chose a room make shure you rabbit proof it where there are no hanging wires or anything it can eat and die from. usuly petco carries specialty books.

Check out rabbit.org. It has care info, as well as links to a local bun rescue group. If you contact them, somebody will probably be more than happy to make sure you set things up properly for the dear. You can also contact the House Rabbit Connection. You can leave a message with their "Hopline," and somebody will call you back with all the answers.

Keep it in a cage, inside or outside. Outside cages are mostly made of wood, but guinnea pig cages can be big enough too. You will have to feed it every day, food and water. You should let it check by a doctor indeed. Pay some attention to it, that's what they like. Pick it up once or something. Clean it's cage every week.

He needs a cage with enough room to walk around a bit in, with preferably a little box with bedding in it to sleep in. He also needs water (I recommend a bottle dispenser of the type that hang upside down) and food. For food, you can feed him pellets supplemented with hay and fresh veggies. You'll need to clean out the cage and remove soiled bedding and waste periodically.

needs food, water, cage, and a place to go to the bathroom make sure you bring it to a vet for a checkup