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How do I talk with my crush and what should I do? Answered

I love a girl in school and we are both really shy. She looks at me all the time and I learned a little bit about girls body language and I found out that many signs show she loves me.We rarely talk with each other. Once there were exams and I did it so bad that I thought I would fail and go from school so I gave her a love letter with the help of my friend ( I wrote me name on it) and she was smiling with her friends, then I was gone with me friends when suddenly her brother (who is in the same school and class with me) called me and told me that the principle is calling me. He was really angry. When I went to the principle my crush was talking with her. The principle asked me about the letter, at that time I saw sadness on her face and she wasn't looking at me (she looks at me from far and not when I am near her) the principle told me love is not allowed in this school. After that I lost hope and forget love and thought she hated me but she was still looking at me from far away. We don't talk. and I think she still loves me and gave the latter to the principle because of her brother ( who hates to see boys talk about his sister ) so my questions are:
1. does she loves me.( she looks at me from far away and laughs when I am near her but she runs away from me when she brother is near by)
2. Now that I have told her I love her I can't talk because she already knows everything so how do I talk with her.
3. I she know I love her and still doesn't talk so what should I do now I am confused
and please give me good answers that help me not the ones that discourage me.

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mpilchfamily (author)2015-04-10

Sounds to me like your not old enough to know what love is. If you have never really talked to each other and never taken a chance to get to know each other then you have an infatuation and desires, nothing more. You are over complicating things. If this escalated to her showing her parents, brother and school officials then she has no interest in you. Besides if telling her you love her is everything you could have told her or talked to her about then you had nothing to start with. Nothing to build any kind of relationship on.

In the future just be friends and talk to the girl. Don't try to make things more then just friends untill you've really gotten to know her. Stop trying to grow up to fast and enjoy life. Relationships will come and go. I guarantee you will go through many relationships before figuring out what love really is.

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Hassan 9 (author)mpilchfamily2015-04-10

We talk but our conversations are very short and I is there something I can do to fix it up. I know I screwed up this relationship so can I fix it now?

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mpilchfamily (author)Hassan 92015-04-10

Just be friendly and keep talking with her. If you find you have vary little in common and you can't hold any meaningful or prolonged conversations then it will never work out anyway and you should move on.

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Kiteman (author)mpilchfamily2015-04-11


Just keep talking, it will be good practise for later life.

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