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How do I transmit over all FM stations in my house? Answered

I know that I can transmit a FM station 50 feet without having any problem with laws (at lest what I have been told). But how can I transmit over all stations in that field?


So I would not have to tune in to one station wile I am fixing something in my car or having my clock radio play my songs rather then the radio stations junk.

No, its illegal to do what you think you want - there are strict limits on transmission power, and what you want to do would exceed them. Find yourself a couple of free channels and just use an audio-FM converter.

Why ? The beauty of FM is it doesn't broadcast over all stations.

I was kind of thinking of some kind of device that changes the frequency to what you are transmitting. Like the, “Night rider's light bar” but at I higher refresh rate to where the human ear can’t hear the change.