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How do I turn a 12v car battery (600cca +/-) into 50v.? Answered

How do I turn a 12v car battery (600cca +/-) into 50v.

or 70V

or 80V

or 34V

I am aiming to rig up high power l.e.d.s in my boat.  I have 12V at my disposal and modt of the LEDs I am looking at operate at 34,50,70 & 80V  I was hoping someone could shed some light.. haha on how I can achieve this.

I have perty good soldering and assembly skills and can read basic diagrams.

I was thinking of a varyable "inverter" so I have access to all.  But if one is much cheaper.. say 70V then that may be the one!

Thanks in advance,  Love the site and can't wait to post.



To be honest, you're as well off buying boost LED drivers off Ebay.

What does cca+/- mean?

Anyway, 34V? Might sting but not kill you. Anything higher? Well, it is not guaranteed to kill you [and maybe not very probable], but it could.

In salt water? That is just calling for trouble if it is not insulated meticulously.

What are the real parameters of your LEDs? It much more trouble to design a one-fits-all circuit than to give an advice for a specific problem. Anyway, buying a ready-made solution for your specific problem  might be [on short sight] more expansive than building a catch-all solution, but it might save money in the long-run.

Thanks for the reply verence,

Sorry cca is "cold cranking amperes" Its the only detail I could remember from the battery.

Is it not amperes that kills not voltage?

The LEDs I am looking to hook up to the source (12v) are the GREEN ones at http://imgur.com/6avte

Which are:

600ma @ 36V

900ma @ 36V

1500ma @ 36V

3000ma @ 36V

So 12v input and I would like to get one (higher 1500-3000) or all of these amperes range out.

Its both, at 12 volts your 600Amp car battery cant penetrate human flesh that's why you can touch both terminals at one. Now if you hooked them up to two needles and bypassed your skin then you have the 600A of current going through your internals.
There are videos on youtube that explain it better.

Sorry Matt,

I'm aware of voltages and such as they apply to danger.. Danger is not a worry.

At 0.0000001A and 100,000V you will not die. (it will just look amazing)

However at 100,000A and 00000001V You will die.

I'm really only after converting 12V to:

600ma @ 36V

900ma @ 36V

1500ma @ 36V

3000ma @ 36V

Oh I forgot about volts being "carriage" so you are correct

Like Steve suggests, it is usually cheaper and easier to buy a LED driver than to build one.

You say the LEDs you are looking at "operate at 34,50,70 & 80V", and now I am curious about these LEDs.  Also you did not mention current, measured in milliamperes (mA) or amperes (A).

Do you have a link to link to where you saw these LEDs?

Appologies Jack,

Some I was looking at were in fact those voltages. although the ones above (@36v) are better suited. If I can get them without having to purchase 10000 from alibaba.