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How do I turn a hair salon pump chair into a ride? Answered

  Ok... so I have a hairdresser chair at home that pumps up and down with the foot pedal (Very common in hair salons).  The kids love to ride the chair up, up, up, so I had a unique idea to make some kind of electric machine that would move the foot pedal up and down.  Basically, I want a salon chair that (When the machine is switched on...) automatically gets pumped up, up, up....  while a kid or adult is sitting on it.  What would I need to make this work?

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icengBest Answer (author)2012-07-12

Wats D matter wit my last answer ?

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Coolpony (author)iceng2012-07-12

Nothing was.... I thought I put my question in the wrong place... thank you!

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suzyframe (author)2012-07-24

When I first read the title of this I found it very interesting. But now that I have read your reasoning it sounds like tons of fun. I would have never thought to turn a hair salon chair into a ride for my children. But it does sound like lots of fun! Did you find something that works? I would love to hear how this turns out! Thanks for sharing your idea!

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Coolpony (author)suzyframe2012-07-24

Look up the Haunted Salon Chair question I posted... "iceng" deserves credit for his answer. Basically have a gear motor tied to the pump lever under the chair. when the gear motor turns... the pump lever goes up and down, making the chair go up. Pretty fun!

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iceng (author)2012-07-12

Thank you.
I gather a gear motor is new to you.

Here is another idea. 
If I'm right the pump up pedal rises on its own after each foot push, Yes ?

Then a small AC induction motor with a 3/8" or 1/4" diameter shaft can
wind up a string pulling the pump handle down until a 555 timer cuts
the power.
When there is no power the rising foot pump spins the motor backwards
unwinding the string.
A short time later a second 555 starts the process again.

I did a cradle rocker like this but used  micro switches instead of electronics.
Sometimes the string breakes.


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steveastrouk (author)2012-07-12