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How do I turn the wheels of a toy car? Answered

I am trying to make a toy car using dc motors, which will also have a wired remote control. I am planning on using two motors for the forward and backward movement of the car. However. for turning the car sideways, I need a way to turn the wheels. The best way I can think of is a small rotating structure with two wheels at the base of the car, like some toy cars. Using two dc motors, I would be able to steer it left or right. However, I am looking for a more elegant solution. Can anyone help me?



Best Answer 4 years ago

For realism, the solution you describe is the best, using a servo to turn it back and forth.

Other methods:

Drive each front wheel separately - turning then at different speeds, or in different directions, will turn the car.

Bend the car. Similar to your original idea, but make the hinge half way along the body.

Flywheel. Inside the car, place a heavy flywheel on a motor, horizontally. As it spins faster, the csr turns the other way. You could do the same with a fan on the roof, or an arm sticking out with a small propeller on it, like a helicopter tail.

I think I am pretty much going with the "use separate motors, stop one to turn" option. That means I am going to need 4 motors to drive the car. 2x for each wheel for forward movement, and 2x for backward, as there is no easy way to reverse the direction of rotation of the motors...or is there?

You only need 2 motors -

2 double pole double throw centre off switches to reverse the electricity.

DPDT switch.jpg

Two switches, wired with one set crossing over to reverse the polarity.

Couldn't edit or delete the last reply, so I am posting a new reply. Anyway, what I want to say is thanks for the suggestions, they helped a lot. Now, I would like to figure out the rest myself, or else the making this car wouldn't be fun. :)

can I have some better option for turning wheels. I m making wireless remote for my car

You may wish to wire it such that you can individually control the motors. A fairly simple method of doing this would be to a usean H-bridge circuit or IC. By rotating both wheels in opposite directions, the car would turn.


IF your using 2 motors one for each driving wheel go for the stop one motor to turn option.