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How do I upload things from my phone to my computer, then to youtube? Answered

I know how to upload things from my computer to youtube, but i have a mini SD card in my phone to upload things to my computer. I plugged it in and my computer either wont register that its there, or I cant find where I'm supposed to click. I feel pretty stupid.



Do you have a cable for your phone that connects to USB? (It would help to know what kind of phone you have and your computer OS).

I find the easiest way of passing things between devices is with Dropbox. Just install it on your phone and computer and you can sync images and video clips. No need for cables or card readers!

It can do loads more stuff than that and I use it daily for work. Sign up as a referral and we both get extra storage space :) http://ow.ly/aADXN

Did you plug the SD card into the PC or the phone itself?