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How do I upload video? Answered

How do I upload a video I have made directly? Do I have to upload it to YouTube or other site first? If so, where do I found the code that allows me to upload it to Instructables?




Best Answer 5 years ago

It's best to upload it to youtube, vimeo, or another embeddable site;

Instructables is great for what it does - direct hosting of text, images, and limited other files; but video is HUGElyMASSIVElyBIGhuge in comparison. You CAN upload a low quality video avi or mov as a file-size-limited attachment to ibles but most people aren't willing to download the file to play it.

Uploading on youtube etc is free and then you can embed in whatever sites you like with just a short code found on the video page.

+1. The embed code for YouTube is under the "Share" tab below the video.