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How do I use new chip-style microwave oven transformers ? Answered

I'm working on a microwave oven transformer based AC welder. Newer microwaves don't use classic steel and copper transformers but rather something much lighter with a few beefy electronics that look like transistors.

My question is how does one manipulate these new-style electronic trasformers (if that's what they're called)?

Imagine all the wonderful things one could to with such a light-weight but powerful circuit. Maybe it could run a laser, welder, or do voltage boosting for renewable electricity systems with long cable runs...


I haven't seen these new fangled electronic/transformer things that you speak of yet but if they don't have the iron core to rewind I doubt that you are going to use them for this welder project you are contemplating.

Transistors particularly don't like to be shorted and that's the working mode of an electrical welder.

Why don't you try to find another transformer so you can follow the instructions since this is virgin territory for you.

.  A heatsink/fan arrangement (think CPU) might help, but hard to tell with so little info. (I'm with you  - I have no idea what he's talking about with the new-fangled-no-xformer device ... but I'm not going to admit it in public.)

Inverter powered oven ? Wow.  You can see why they might - it may be cheaper now than the big lump of iron....