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How do I use old Macro Bellows with DSLR? Answered


I don't mean to be mean, please don't take it that way but, I think this generation is addicted to being sold the latest greatest thing - whatever it is... Yes an old fashioned bellows will not allow you to use all the auto-focus, auto-exposure, oughta-learn-how-to-think-for-yourself golly gee whiz features some many shutter pushers have gotten addicted to, maybe that's good thing. Maybe figuring these things out for yourself is what Instructables is really all about. I say; turn the computers off once in a while and have some fun!

I had an old macro bellows with M42 mount and I'm using it with my Nikon D90. All you need is a mount adapter. In my case is an adapter with a correctional lens that allows infinity focus (M42 and Nikon has different focal plane). As far as I know Canon, Olympus, etc don't need a correctioonal lens, only the mount adapter. Here are a couple of pics of my setup. I use a focusing rail, to allow me to precisely focus. You will have really shallow depth of field. The last image was taken with the macro bellows. It's the tip of a cigerrette.. and it wasn't at full extension!


Depends really...

If they're made for an older film SLR some makes will mate effectively, like canon, older EOS stuff works fine... I don't know much about the others but you may lose AF function entirely depending on the adapters if it fits.

Also some of them just don't fit together, also if it's not a full frame (35mm) sensor then framing issues may come up.

If they click in with the lens and body just fine then use manual focus and test them with the camera off first.  I've been meaning to get macro tubes but never had any bellows style ones so I can only give the advice I've been using with the bizarre mash up of lenses I've checked with my camera...

Put it up on a shelf to admire.  They really aren't very useful with today's autofocus slr's.  It's better to use something made for the slr you have.  But as an object to be admired they really are nice.

purchase an appropriate mating ring to mate the bellows style macro lens to the digital SLR camera.

What? (are you asking) - more details please.